About Us

Minoo have been making award winning gelato and sorbet in Auckland, New Zealand for over 20 years. They are keenly aware that we have become more health conscious in our food choices. Minoo have also kept the range simple, with gorgeous fruit flavours like wildberry, lemon, mango and passionfruit. Yet also have developed such flavours as pistachio, espresso and their four times award winning, Chocolate Gelato.

They started producing desserts in 1992 selling a range of 40 different flavours of sorbet and gelato to restaurants, parlours and pizza outlets. The gelatos are low fat and the sorbets are dairy free. Four years later they began making sorbet and gelato under supermarket house brands Foodtown, Countdown and First Choice. A further two years down the track they began producing Minoo their own brand, which could then be sold to all market groups.

Their supermarket product range has received a number of awards from the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturer’s Association (NZIMA) annual competitions and numerous mentions in the Healthy Food Guide magazine.

Minoo Gelato and Sorbet are available in a wide range of supermarkets around New Zealand. For your closest store, get in touch.